Joel Ferrell has consulted for a wide variety of projects for theaters, churches, and organizations around the united states.

“There are few things as satisfying as helping a person, group of people, or organization make a positive “leap” forward. Over a number of years working as a visiting and staff artist with various organizations, I grew to understand that the same creative leadership that lifts a theater production toward a successful opening night can be applied to organizational problem-solving.”

– Joel Ferrell

Joel’s varied experience in projects large, small, non-profit, and commercial have provided him the ability to enter a consultancy with relative objectivity, a cache of creative tools, and a joy for facilitating solutions to complex challenges.

Some of Joel’s most notable consulting projects include the following.

Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts

Joel investigated and presented the potential of adding new, cross-disciplinary programs.

Dallas Stage and Scenery

Joel examined and presented initiatives to diversify the company’s service and sources of income in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

Joel developed and implemented month-long outdoor holiday programming when limitations due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic demanded swiftly-executed, robust alternatives for meaningful community traditions. The event was attended by approximately 6,000 patrons.

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